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impending_doom's Journal

Invader Zim Community
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Welcome to impending_doom~~!

For fans of Invader Zim, as well as Jhonen Vasquez's work. We welcome ALL users, however, we find it necessary to instill a few rules.

[1. NO Jhonen SN requests. This is for EVERYONE'S good. Flamefests ensue, fights break out. We no likey. If you converse with him, DONT POST THE CONVO! Just the info gained. Please. You'll thank us.]
[2. Please try to LJ Cut all images. We don't wanna be screwin up anyone's friends page.]
[3. BE NICE. Be lovey-huggy-treey.]
[4. Post post post! BE TALKATIVE!]

*~Moderated by mellenia and margha~*

If there are ANY issues, questions, etc., PLEASE. IM us, email us, comment in our LJS.

.....What the HELL are you doing still reading this?! Go! Post, my children. POST!